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i'm listening to lucky channel

Posted by RikiKazuki420 - May 7th, 2008

what the hell is this show?
it sounds like they're smoking joints and discussing thier favorite ice cream flavors. anyone can do this shit! all you need is a woman who has a cute voice but can turn bitchy at the drop of a hat, and a normal boring person who is obsessed with cute shit like flowers and glasses and drills. there's a few songs and parody sketches but i don't speak a damn word of japanese, those monthy nihongo lessons that they put in shonen jump don't really pay off because they teach simple phrases that you'll never need to use in conversation, just individual words that pop up in the manga chapters. i learned how to ask an old dude who sells magazines to sell me a shonen jump, actually it doesen't even need to be jump, i could ask for anything, smoksuu, purayboy, sandoichi*, anything. they'll understand if you put on a fake accent. i can count to 5, and some dramatic hero speak. but seriously. how often is this gonna show up?

*by the way, that was how i order the RK420 special, smokes, a playboy and a sandwich.
another phrase that comes in handy to learn in any language is "got any" and "how much".
One day Riki K420 was out walking, after paying 550 yen for this week's jump. then, five armed high school gangsters, one of them is wearing a doctor's mask, one of them doesen't have a shirt, one of them has a wooden sword, another one has a bat, and there's one of them that's about twice the weight and width of all of his subordinates standing in front of them, with his arms crossed.
one of the gang members speaks up. "Hey! do you have a problem with us?!"
Riki responds with "no i don't. but i will if you don't get out of my face before i count to ten. you got two seconds each to get the hell out of here before i beat the shit out of you."
the boss speaks up. "Hey! aren't you the guy we beat the shit out of in the last blog entry? i recognize that tag. your face is still our turf, even if you wash off our graffiti, we'll just do the same thing we did last time! yo, tag this fool!"
one of the gang members takes out a spraypaint can and walks towards me. i kicked him in the head with a dramatic spinning kick and took the spraycan when he dropped it. i toss the jump at them, and kick it, it falls apart and spreads paper everywhere.
i then take out my lighter and use it with the spray paint can and use my improvised flamethrower to set a bunch of small fires around them, taking out the small fry gang members by causing them to run away and look for something to extinguish them.
the boss looks behind him, seeing his grunts rolling around and taking turns pissing on each other, trying to put the fires out. i'm just laughing at this, and he's getting angrier.
so the boss yells out "you weak little bastards! this punk sets you on fire, and you're more worried about putting out the fire than fighting back? what happened to my gang of bat weilding badasses?"
while he's babbling about whatever, i pick up the wooden sword and the bat, and use them one in each arm, and smash the boss's head from both sides. he falls to one knee, and before he can get up, i kick him into a brick wall, and use the rest of the fuel from my improvised flamethrower. i then put one foot on thier fallen leader, and yell out "You weak bastards are now under my command! you will do what i say, or you'll get your asses kicked like this poor fat bastard." three of them immediately bow respectfully, but two of them have already gotten away, and are probably planning revenge. I need to be prepared for a gang brawl in the near future.
the words "TO BE CONTINUED" appear in the last panel.