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i got jumped

2007-09-23 06:51:32 by RikiKazuki420

yeah, i was walking around, minding my own damn business, when these punks came out of nowhere and asked if i i had a problem with them, i said i didn't, and thier leader stepped forward and spit right in my face! well, i wasn't about to stand there and take that shit, so i wound up and punched him as hard as i can right in the face, and then backed up a little and pulled out my knife to scare them.
they weren't scared though, they just started beating me with bats! i managed to get a few good hits and stabs in, but i got my ass kicked. after i was knocked out apparently they wrote shit all over me in permanent marker, proclaiming my face to be thier turf. it's personal now. i could have took them all in a fair fight, but i guess fighting dirty is what you gotta do. right now i'm checking out local sports shops, looking for a good sturdy aluminum bat. see how thier punk ass wooden bats stand up to that.


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2008-01-25 14:23:24

dam that sucks. look under the handle part and when you find one that says "32" then you can kick there ass. a 32 is fast and painfull. ouch...

RikiKazuki420 responds:

alright. let's have a look here... plastic bat... cracked bat... t ball bat... no. wooden bat... no. softball bat... no. home run bat... getting close... yeah! a 32 Inch Nike Aero Fuse -3 Adult Baseball Bat!
this oughta do the trick...
let's see.. good weight, swings good, how much?... 279.99?!!
shieet, i'd be better off stealin' this. store clerk says shit he's gettin' THIS upside the head.
Here i go!


2008-02-10 09:28:59

i wish you'd been beaten to death you worthless hoodlum

(Updated ) RikiKazuki420 responds:

how would you like it if i got on a plane to whereever the hell it is you live and i kick your ass with my new, stolen bat!?